Family Revives A Frozen Kitten

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The Lazarus Effect and The Lazarus Project are both movies about resurrection, one happens to be a lot more terrifying that the other.

However, the story of how this family came together in order to save a frozen kitten is absolutely incredible.

"A nearly dead kitten found frozen stiff in the snow was rescued thanks to a quick thinking family," according to Inside Edition.

"Branden Bingham took his children out to play in the snow when his son tripped over a lifeless kitten."

The little kitten appeared to have been long gone, however the family gathered around the fireplace as Branden's brother, Justin, began administering a CPR method he learned while taking veterinary classes account to the video. You could hear some of the children saying come on in the background as they pulled for the little kitten to come through.

Eventually the kitten began moving again and was later on adopted and named Lazarus.

Check out the amazing video below.

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