Fallon Super Bowl Episode Recap: Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, and Ariana Grande

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The Super Bowl truly took over the world this week. With the game being telecast on NBC Jimmy Fallon and his crew made an appearance in Phoenix.

Comedy heavyweights Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell joined to discuss their new movie. Along with a performance from Ariana Grande. Not to mention some of the champion New England Patriots players.

Will Ferrell makes plenty of memorable appearances on Fallon. That being said Kevin Hart is quickly ready to dethrone Ferrell for king comic if you will.

The two haven't worked before until this past year. All of the men competed in a lip-sync off which featured each of them singing two songs each.

(Kevin Hart Vs. Jimmy Fallon Vs. Will Ferrell Lip Sync Below)

Get Hard is the first movie starring both of them. Ferrell's character is a softie business type who commits fraud and has thirty days before he goes to prison.

Enter the 'tough guy' Hart who is hired to get Ferrell's character ready for anything time behind bars might throw at him.

(Get Hard Trailer #2 Below)

Patriots players after their win in Super Bowl 49 also stopped by and discussed their victory. Ferrell happened to be rocking a Seahawks jersey. Danny Amendola quickly changed the sweatshirt to fit a more east coast style.

(Patriots Players Stop by to Celebrate Below)

Ariana Grande was also at Super Bowl headquarters and she gave a wonderful performance. Her rise to fame has been swift to say the least. Hits like 'Love me Harder,' 'Problem,' and 'Bang Bang' are certainly just the start.

Grande is going to be making performances on Fallon for many years to come. This wasn't her first time either, she's preformed three times already.

(Grande on Fallon 'The Way' with Mac Miller Below)

Jimmy, The Roots, and other musical superstars also preformed a version of We Are the Champions. Shot recorded over many weeks no doubt got meshed together in order to create the Brady Bunch music video.

(Jimmy, The Roots, and music superstars sing We Are The Champions Below)

Fallon of course never airs on the weekends so it was a special treat. Considering the star power it was a show for the ages.

Normally tune in to NBC weekdays at 1130 p.m. for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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