'Faking It' Season 2 Premiere, S2 E1

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On tonight's second season premiere of MTV's "Faking It" Amy dealt with the guilt that overcame her from her drunken hook-up with Liam.

Last season ended with Amy and Karma's real relationship is revealed, Liam ended his relationship with Karma, and then engaged in drunken sex with Amy. Tonight picked up right where last season left off.

Amy kicks a naked Liam out quickly as Karma comes into her room and confesses how dumb she has been lately. Amy does her best to kick Karma out while keeping in her secret.

Amy picks up a plan b pill, while confessing herself to the pharmacist. And unfortunately for her Karma shows up, saying she followed her and wanting to talk about the night before.

Again Amy rushes out, leaving Karma to talk with Liam in the pharmacy. Karma and Liam discuss the situation between them, and they semi-agree that they should stay out of each others' lives.

Karma is afraid Amy is trying to distance herself, and she receives advice from her mom that she needs to display her true feelings for Amy. Meanwhile Liam learns from Shane how Karma rejected Amy, then has to help him tie up a fellow male student in Amy's basement.

Amy and Liam share how their guilt is killing them. However Karma shows up mid-discussion and sings a love song to her outside her window.

Lauren's status as being intersex has now been revealed, but her friends promise her they won't say anything.

The episode ends with Karma and Amy talking things out about their situation. Amy does not confess anything at the moment, and Lauren finds the plan-B box that Amy threw in the garbage.

The next episode of "Faking It" airs Tuesday Sept. 30th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.