'Faking It' S2 Ep. 3 Recap: Lust in Translation

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On tonight's new episode of "Faking It" lust and love ran rampant as Brazilian students from a sister school visited Hester High School.

Amy and Karma decided to go out to the public about how they are no longer a lesbian couple. However before they could execute their plans the Brazilians showed up igniting a party-style ruckus at the school.

Karma came up with a plan to get Amy to fall in love with one of the Brazilian girls, however Amy had her eyes set on a male exchange student.

Karma helped Amy pretty herself up for the two students, and she admitted that she was surprised that Amy was interested in a guy in general.

Lauren was stuck with the task of planning a carnival for the visitors, and she reluctantly let Theo help. During the carnival things got weird between, well, everyone. Karma filled the role of translator between Amy and the students at Lauren's fair, however Karma seemed to mess things up more than help. The male student got sent to the hospital and the girl didn't like Karma butting in between her and Amy.

Amy told the girl student the truth about her feelings for Karma before they kissed. Shane saw and quickly picked up on her plans, and he kissed Karma to test his gayness.

Spoiler: he still is. Amy promised Karma that she will move on but it might take awhile, but until then they will continue their wild friendship.

Shane made quick friends with the Brazilians, and he did his best to wing-man Liam to mess around with some of the Brazilian girls and forget about Karma. Karma stumbled on Liam and the Brazilian girl and told Liam she was glad that he was moving on.

Liam, however, still caught up on Karma and it is obvious that they are still into each other.

Liam also confessed to Shane, who is the most popular boy and loud-mouth in school, that he slept with Amy and has to tell Karma.

The next episode of "Faking It" airs Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.