Fake Caitlyn Jenner Calls In To The Howard Stern Show

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While Howard Stern has expressed his admiration for Caitlyn Jenner an her bravery his show today featured someone posing as Caitlyn Jenner. The Bruce Jenner impersonator called in and the conversation between him and Stern got pretty intense.

"Howard said this person couldn't make it in the studio but he has them on the phone," according to MarksFriggin. "Howard said he has Caitlyn Jenner on the phone."

However the real voice on the other line was that of a Bruce Jenner impersonator.

"Fake Caitlyn said that it's actually Bruce," according to MarksFriggin. "He said Caitlyn is a total b**** and she treats him like a slave.

Bruce was doing both voices telling himself to come to the phone. Then Bruce did his Caitlyn voice and talked to Howard."

The fake Caitlyn told Stern how much he like his Rolling Stone cover and of course, Stern replied with his own admiration for the now famous "Vanity Fair cover." The conversation took a strange turn when Stern played a game of who said it with the fake caller where Stern had to guess whether Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner was the one who said the phrase that was given.

It also poked a bit of fun at the car crash in Los Angeles that Caitlyn Jenner is being sued for once again according to Yahoo.

The incident suit was brought up by Robin Quivers who also reported Caitlyn Jenner has been hit with a lawsuit over the accident.

"Howard said they interviewed Caitlyn earlier and she's in a big battle with Bruce," according to MarksFriggin.

Listeners and fans of Howard Stern know that he's a supporter of Caitlyn Jenner so the entire gag was done out of pure fun and not out of disrespect for Jenner or the LGBT community.