'Extreme Weight Loss' Recap, Season 4 Episode 13, The Father and Daughter Finale

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Tonight on the season finale of "Extreme Weight Loss" Jeff is a 55-year-old father weighing in at 423 lbs. and he is seeking help from Chris Powell, not only for himself, but his 15-year-old daughter Juliana as well who weighs 265 lbs.

Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos makes a guest appearance on the show to really help Jeff and Juliana kick things into gear. The episode begins in Denver, Colorado as Jeff and Juliana tell their story. Immediately viewers will notice a rift in their relationship as the two do not seem very close with each other.

Juliana tells her story of being uncomfortable in school and being laughed at. She talks about being depressed and not wanting to go to school and deal with her classmates.

Her mother knows about some of the things that goes on but not all. Jeff felt guilty about them teasing her about him saying that she is just like him.

He always wanted to be the cool dad and he ended up being the fat dad as he put it. Juliana says that the relationship between her and her father is broken. Juliana says that when she came along she didn't have the father that her siblings had.

Jeff admits that he wasn't a leader and he was failing his family.

Jeff says there is nothing more important to him than family but he has failed them miserably.

Chris and Heidi Powell surprise the Macht family during their Sunday dinner and they start blowing the horn of a gold cart outside of his house, ultimately causing a commotion.

Jeff greets the two with open arms and Juliana is even more excited than her father. Chris says that they need to complete one test before they even start training. They need to walk 12 miles to the training facility and their game plan is to do a mile on foot a mile off foot alternating. Chris says that it was hard watching Jeff walk because he felt his pain while doing it and Juliana is very supportive so far.

Juliana wants to impress her dad and the father daughter team continue on their pace. Jeff reaches the Denver Broncos stadium and gives viewers a little history.

Now he is really feeling it and Jeff needs to be checked by a medic. At this point things are not looking well for this father who is trying to prove his worth in his child's life.

Seeing a father daughter team on the show is very uplifting as it is a way to encourage other families to overcome obstacles together. Once Jeff is checked out they find out that he is fine however, Juliana is worried and doesn't want to put that stress on her dad so she agrees to take an extra mile.

Jeff encourages his daughter and his sweet words make her emotional as well. Their family was waiting on the roof of the health and wellness center and cheered them as they completed the challenge.

The first weigh in begins and Jeff stands at 423 lbs., he is very emotional as Chris is actually doing the weigh in the company of Jeff's own family. Now it is Juliana's turn and she weighs in at 265 lbs. For the next three months Juliana and Jeff will be under the care of Chris and Heidi and the first thing they do is have Jeff checked out. The doctor determines that Jeff may potentially have a disc injury and that he can not take part in the workout today.

The pediatrician determines that Juliana needs to lose about 166 lbs. Her first goal is to lose 66 lbs in the first 90 days.

Jeff is angry and frustrated with himself because he can't take part in the workout and can't be the person he needs to be.

Jeff feels helpless and now the Powell's need to find a way to get through the wall. Juliana begins the fight or flight exercise and it proves to be quite hard for her. Heidi notices the lack of communication between the father and daughter and just as she notices that, Juliana says that she is mad at her dad for not making her and her mom feel loved.

She breaks down which in turn causes Jeff to break down and the show has reached a pivotal point. Heidi even gets emotional and once Juliana let that out it looks like it brought the two closer together.

Juliana continued her workout and her determination helped her get through them.

Jeff gets the green light to workout and Chris enlists Demaryius Thomas to help. Once Juliana and Jeff see who is helping them they are even more excited to complete the workout. Thomas tells the team about his injuries and the fact that they never stopped him, with that they begin some NFL drills.

Thomas says that after the workout he respected Jeff and he believes that he can complete his goal. The team grows closer as the process continues and they are bonding and getting closer than ever.

Chris surprised them with tickets and former NFL star Terrell Davis was the man delivering them.

Juliana has to go back home halfway through bootcamp because of school and she continues her workout but admits that she missed her dad. Jeff powers through the workout without his daughter and he is determined to make his goal. The 90 weigh-in is here and as Juliana steps on the scale she is trying to target 199 lbs. or less.

The results are in and she did not meet her goal at all with being 22 lbs. short of her goal.

Now it is Jeff's turn and his results are not as good as he hoped but he has lost over 100 lbs. both Heidi and Chris have a lot of work ahead of them for phase two.

The Powell's send the team for a makeover and style to send them back home in style for phase two. Heidi and Chris realize that after Jeff and Juliana returned home they were not holding up their end of the bargain and decided to pay them a visit. Juliana and Jeff have been working together going against much of their training and the real test will come when Chris and Heidi ask them to come clean.

They don't tell the truth and the Powells are forced to call them out on it. They tell Jeff and Juliana that they were watched for a full day and showed them the proof.

Jeff tries to lie his way out and he isn't being honest with Heidi and Chris.

Jeff's wife tells him that he needs to be honest which will in turn make him a better role model for his daughter. At the six month weigh-in Jeff is still short but stepped his game up in the last six weeks prior to the weigh-in.

Juliana steps on the scale and it looks like she fell four pounds short of her goal however, Heidi and Chris are pleased with the two no matter what.

Chris and Heidi send the Macht family to Disney World as a reward but they will be doing the 13 mile run while enjoying the vacation. Jeff wants to be that role model for his daughter and says that he will not let them down especially when their relationship has been getting better. They begin their 13 run mile and the two are doing great.

Chris knows that Jeff will be in pain but he needs to push through it. Juliana and Heidi complete the run first and they became worried because they hadn't seen Jeff and Chris for a while.

When they saw Jeff they began cheering and the whole challenge came to an emotional end.

Juliana learns that she will get the chance to live out her New Years resolution and inspire someone as she becomes an ambassador for the NFL and their campaign to teach kids about health and exercise.

Jeff said that nine months ago he didn't know his daughter and now he couldn't be anymore proud of his little girl. Juliana did an excellent job with the Play 60 initiative and she really showed how important it was to stay active. Juliana is ineligible for the skin surgery because she is still young and still growing. Juliana steps on the scale and she hasn't met her third goal but she is still happy with the fact that she made change. Jeff steps on the scale and nails his goal weighing in at 249 lbs.

Not only is this a victory for him but he also becomes a role model for his daughter. Jeff is now going to see if he is a candidate for the skin surgery.

Jeff is a candidate but the doctor says he wants input from Jeff to see what kind of surgery he needs, while suggesting that he lose another 25-30 lbs. more.

Jeff turned down the surgery to fulfill the commitment he made to himself and says that his daughter inspired him to finish this together. Now comes the final weigh in. Chris runs out to the audience in normal fashion and gives them the run down on Jeff and Juliana. Heidi joins Chris on stage for the final reveal and Jeff steps on the stage looking like a completely new man.

His transformation is one of the biggest as he is almost unrecognizable. Jeff tells the audience about the experience and more importantly being able to build a relationship with and spending time with his daughter.

Juliana joins her father on stage looking like a healthier 15-year-old girl. She says that she wouldn't change anything in the experience and she is glad that she has a relationship with his daughter.

Juliana steps on the scale and she has lost a whopping 95 lbs. putting her at a final weight of 170 lbs. Jeff weighs-in and he needs to be under 225 lbs.

to qualify for the skin surgery and the results are incredible as he completely crushes his goal now weighing in at 218 lbs.

Jeff has had a complete transformation and is eligible for the skin surgery.

The season of "Extreme Weight Loss" comes to a close on a very high note and Chris and Heidi Powell have helped a season full of clients do things they never thought they could.