'Extreme Weight Loss' Recap, Season 4 Episode 12, The Drama Coach

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Tonight on an all new episode of "Extreme Weight Loss" Rod is a 49-year-old drama coach who weighs 448 lbs. and he is seeking help from Chris Powell.

The episode begins as Rod tells his story about what he is like after work. He says that after work he goes straight to a restaurant and that he substitutes friendship and companionship with food. He is a high school drama teacher and he said that he loves to act but is afraid to act in a professional manner because of the way he looks.

Rod says that fear has ran his life but when he is in the classroom he is his best person he can be.

Rod becomes very emotional while looking at himself in the mirror saying "this is not me." Rod also admits that he is gay and he has struggled with coming out and sits his father down to talk to him about it for the first time.

His father says that he loves him today as he did any day and that he will always be proud of him.

Chris surprises Rod during one of his high school drama rehearsals and tells him that he chooses him to be a part of the "Extreme Weight Loss" challenge. Chris tells him that he needs to do his first weigh in and the number that is revealed and Rod is not happy. He has a phase one goal to lose 125 lbs.

and the training begins with Chris. Chris antagonizes Rod as his strategy to motivate him and get him to realize that he can be the real him and moreover, stop pretending that it's ok to be lonely.

Rod breaks down after his first work out with Chris and says that he is sick and tired of what he was doing. Rod passes the fight or flight test by fighting and realizing that he deserves it all.

The training continues and Chris promises Rod that it will get easier as they go on. Rod has made process and even jokes about his sweaty man-boobs and sweaty belly. He is one of the few who have been able to poke fun at themselves after they have learned about themselves.

Rod says he likes being fierce and being a fighter. Rod and Chris take part in the "Color Run" 5K race.

After the race comes the 45 day weigh in and the results are amazing as he is well beyond the halfway mark with a loss of 79 lbs.

Now for the 90 day weigh in, Chris was scared that Rod would not be able to meet the mark after the doctor's concern over him losing lean wight rather than fat as he lost 20 lbs. of lean muscle.

Rod takes to the scale and now the results shows that Rod has met his goal plus a pound. Rod became very emotional and now knows what it feels like when the love is returned to him.

The welcome he receives upon returning to Leon High School was overwhelming as all of the faculty, students and family members cheered him on. After doing so well with Chris in his first 90 days Rod goes back home and things take a slight downhill turn. Chris pays Rod a visit in Tallahassee after he hears that Rod has been falling behind in his workouts.

Chris knocks on the door and announces himself but Rod wasn't there, but Chris waits anyway. Chris says that Rod is not being real to the people who are holding him accountable.

Rod admitted that it has been hard for him to continue on his track and he got off track a little bit.

Rod expels a lot of emotion and he doesn't feel like he has anyone who is going on a journey to share it with. He needs support and Chris suggests a support group because Rod feels so lonely. The support group proves to be a very successful experience and now Rod is ready to get back into the training. Rod is now at his phase two weigh in and he steps on the goal to see if he reached his 55 lb.

goal. He did not reach his goal and he lost 37 lbs.

instead of 55 but Chris tells him that he has six more months to get it together. Chris says that Rod will be auditioning for a part in the hit Broadway show "Chicago."

Chris tells Rod that while he is in NY auditioning he also has to climb the Empire State Building step by step. The ascend begins and the cameras follow Rod and Chris through the entire challenge. Rod started struggling at floor 58 and he was not doing as well as the powerful start that he had in the beginning.

Chris encourages him to use every muscle in his body not just his lower body but the upper as well. Rod completes the challenge without complaining and without quitting.

After completing his challenge he is now ready to cast for Chicago. Rod was a little nervous and messed up at first but he completely crushed it.

Rod tells Chris that he is still struggling with his diet and they arrange to develop a structured diet. With his emotions all in the right place Rod hits the road running hard and amps up his workout. Rod gets changed and steps on the scale for the final weigh in before the weigh in at the reveal and he has met the goal making him a candidate for skin surgery.

Though he was around the target weight for the surgery the doctor wanted to see another 35 lbs. lost for optimal results.

Now Chris gives the fans the back story for Rod and now it is time fore the final reveal. Rod steps out from behind the wall and he looks absolutely awesome with his transformation. Rod talks about going through the stages and relapsing at times, but he feels more loved and he doesn't feel lonely anymore.

Rod steps on the scale for the final weigh in on the show he now weighs...260 lbs. not quite where he wanted to be physically but he is where he should be mentally.