'Extreme Weight Loss' Recap, Season 4 Episode 11, The Marine And The Caretaker

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Tonight on an all new episode of "Extreme Weight Loss" for the first time Chris has to kick a client out of the program as a 410 lb. former Marine and a 380 lb. caretaker are tested.

Christy is a 36 year-old who takes are of her mother after a poor surgery. She says that she isn't able to have children but it seems like she has a 66 year-old child. Her mother says that the two are as close as they could every be and she admits that her family is not the most emotional.

She was bullied with a petition from her classmates to leave her school and she feels that she let her mom down.

She was so upset with everything that was going on she attempted to commit suicide but her weight ended up being her savior.

As she pulls up to the drive thru in Las Vegas Chris calls her from the Stratosphere and he tells her if she can make it there without a vehicle or an elevator before sunrise, she will have a shot at being a client on "Extreme Weight Loss." She makes her way there and the fact that she wants it so bad propels her to complete the challenge.

Chris tells her that he believes in her and tells her that she may have even beaten the challenge buy a few minutes.

Kenny is a 35 year-old man that is 410 lbs. and approximately 200 pounds overweight. He is an ex Marine and the reason is because he could not maintain his weight and he has been ashamed of it ever since.

He says he doesn't want death to come sooner than it has to and that his wife was his major motivation in life.

When the tornadoes passed through Moore, OK his wife and children were hiding in shelter.

He says that he wants to do everything to change his life so that he is able to see his children and wife through a complete happy life.

Kenny's wife is a dancer and she says that everything has decreased as his weight increased and he loves her for loving him for better or for worst. Kenny takes secret dance lessons to surprise his wife for their anniversary, and thats when Chris steps in and surprises him.

Chris tells Kenny that he is going to have to be away from his family for a few months so that will put stress on the family, but she agrees to go with it and says that she supports him.

After his first weigh in Kenny takes time to say goodbye to his family and promises his wife that he will give his wide the dance she deserves.

Both Kenny and Christy go through a series of medical exams to make sure that they are physically okay for the challenge, Christy needs to lose 85 pounds in the first 60 days. She admits that when things get too hard she gets scared and wants to leave.

During the first session Chris pushes Christy really hard and she tells him that he isn't gonna bully her and she is going to fight back against it.

Christy becomes extremely emotional and Chris tells her that she never deserved to be bullied and it's her year to fight back.

Christy continues to push through the training an continues her hard work and now it's Kenny's turn. Kenny steps into a complete obstacle course defined for a Marine.

Chris says he wants to beat him down and see if he breaks and he begins the training nagging him and picking at him as if he is rejoining the Marines.

Kenny says he has come back for redemption, but he got really angry really fast and then Chris starts to question if Kenny is going to snap.

Kenny continues to snap but the anger isn't directed toward Chris it is directed towards the voice in his head that has been preventing him from the man he knows he can be. Christy is the caretaker for her mom and it is going to be hard for her to leave so Chris brought the gym to her so she could be able to exercise from her own home.

Chris takes Christy and her mom out to dinner to figure out everything that has been going on and she finally tells her mom that she can't believe that she won't accept that she tried to commit suicide.

She is angry at her mom for being in a continuous state of denial. Chris says there is no right or wrong in the situation and he tells Christy she needs to start talking to her mom.

Christy and her mom have an emotional break through but Chris doesn't want to see a handshake he wants a hug and he is going to work toward helping them achieve that.

Kenny says that the first few weeks of bootcamp have been very painful and Chris introduces some dance lessons into the training because he wants him to fulfill the dream he has with his wife.

Kenny's goal is to lose 111 pounds in the first 90 days but the pain of being away from his family is beginning to set in especially after a phone call from his wife and kids. Kenny says he is willing to give it all the energy that he can. Meanwhile Christy brings her mom and brother in for her second weigh in and the results are incredible as she now weighs 298 lbs.

losing 86 lbs. in the first 90 days. Christy begins to worry that she may not be able to keep up what she and Chris started and her saw the old Christy for a split second.

Now it is Kenny's turn to take his 90 day weigh in and the results are not as great as Christy's but Kenny is still proud of what he has done and he wants to continue to soldier on. As he returns home he is greeted by a loving family who missed him very much.

He is also greeted by other family members and friends and tells them he is going to be committed. Kenny hits the exercise hard but he has a rally hard time managing his job, the kids and the work out.

Chris pays Christy a surprise visit and he wants to weigh her in again and now the results are't too well she has gained three pounds one month into phase two. Chris reprimands Christy and says that she has to go back to Colorado but she says she needs to figure it out herself. Heidi is brought in to help Christy but they are arguing instead of getting at what is happening.

Chris is with Christy and she tells him she has doubts about what she is doing. Christy is really struggling and Chris says that she needs to stop fighting herself and appreciate the fact that she is there and everyone is counting on her.

Christy was caught hitchhiking back to the park and now he is livid.

Chris says that Christy needs to realize that something has to change, he sits her down and asks her how the walk home was and then asks her what the difficult part was getting into or out of the car she hitchhiked with. Chris says that Christy is acting too much like a victim and not enough like someone who really wants to accomplish something and he tells her that he knows that she doesn't want to believe in herself.

Christy didn't even put up a fight when they gave her the ticket back home and they were forced to kick her out of the transformation program. and she even admits to sabotaging the whole thing on purpose.

Chris invites Kenny to Pearl Harbor for the third weigh in for phase two he steps on the scale and he actually hit the goal of losing another 45 lbs. and he is given his next challenge. The challenge is run by Marines and it's a 12 hour beat down and now it is time for Kenny to relive what he set out to accomplish previously.

The challenge starts and they begin to receive the verbal abuse that is suppose to challenge them to push through it. Kenny continues to go through the training and he see's others begin to break down.

He even carries a fellow member in the challenge and see's others suffering from heat exhaustion, but Kenny continues and he has the opportunity to lead the group.

Kenny proves to be the better of the two clients and he needs to hit just one more goal to qualify for the skin surgery and he needs to hit 225 lbs. He continues to up the intensity in his workout and when he walks through the door Chris can't believe his eyes. Kenny steps on the scale and 270 days later he is at 224 lbs. and he has lost 45 percent of his body weight and is a candidate for the body surgery.

As he is examined by the doctor the doctor says that if he lost another 25 lbs. he would be in better shape and would be able to have a more permanent surgery.

Kenny agrees to lose another 25 lbs. and sets out on his mission.

Now we are at the reveal and Chris pumps the crowd up and summarizes Kenny's story to everyone. An all new, unrecognizable Kenny steps on the scale and his final weight is a shocking 202 lbs.

The final part of the show is a touching dance between him and his wife and he fulfills what he said he would do. Way to keep your promises Kenny.