'Extreme Weight Loss' Recap, Season 4 Episode 10, Sara Overcomes Height Obstacles

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Tonight on 'Extreme Weight Loss' Sara is 39-year-old woman who is overweight and wants to make a drastic change in her life but because she is of such little stature the challenge is even greater.

As if being 4' 5" and 245 lbs. wasn't enough, Sara also struggles with her metabolic rate is also another obstacle that stands in her way. After meeting with a doctor she realizes that she has to work a lot harder than she thought because she has to burn all the extra calories that she takes in.

Sara close to 150 pounds overweight.

Sara believes that the weight is preventing her from her true potential, Chris Powell was asked to step in to help and he began putting her through rigorous exercise.

Being 4' 5" was hard because she was made fun of quite often but when she gained the weight that took the bullying to another level.

Sara was so disappointed in herself and what others thought of her she joined a convent but after six years, she decided to leave.
Sara also competed in a 5k run called the Neon Splash. She did it with ease and she was able to gain more confidence in herself and is on track to continue to be a runner. Powell says that it will be extra hard for her to lose weight but her determination is some of the greatest he has ever seen. Within the first 90 days she was able to go from 245 lbs.

to 164 lbs. which is 33.1 percent and Powell says that she holds the record for the most weight lost in phase one. He was completely excited that she made it this far and is looking ahead to the future phases.

For the next challenge she will be running a half marathon in an exotic destination. Powell is worried about Sara going back home and breaking back into the habits that got her where she was previously.

Sara returns to her family who threw a welcome back party and her family was stunned at the amount of weight that she lost. She felt even better after all of the compliments that she received.

Sara's sister wasn't the greatest person to her she always blamed Sara's height for her accomplishments and she wants to share the success with her but she is unable to reach her. Sara continued her training and she challenged herself to run 13 miles and she got close to that as she ran around 12 miles. Her confidence is sky high and she wants to switch her half marathon to a full marathon.

She calls Powell and he is quite taken back by the request and he says that it is not in her best interest to do that because it may be hazardous to her health. Sara says she wants to push through and gets Powell to say yes but he wants her to go back to Arizona so that she can start training with him.

Now that her second phase is through, Sara will need to push harder than before.

Powell is incredibly surprised by how well the training is going and he said as much as he was reluctant to have her do the full marathon, she seems like she is going to complete it with flying colors. Sara meets Powell in Hawaii is going to do her second weigh in. She came up just 9 lbs.

short of her target weight and now weighs 138 lbs. Powell reassures Sara that she is a record breaker and he knows what she can do because she proved that in phase one.

He gives Sara the option to still go back to the half marathon because as her coach he can't let her hurt herself.

After convincing from Sara, Powell says that he won't stop her from doing what she wants to do.

Powell and Sara line up and the marathon begins and as they move on he continues to ask her if she wants to call it a half marathon, but she continues to push forward. He knows that the length of the run is going to take the a toll on her and the elevation level gets even higher.

At mile 17 Powell begins to see the physical strain on her face and on her body and at this point Sara doesn't know if she made the right decision.

The pain began to get to Sara and she said that she knew that she it is possible that she wouldn't make it across the finish-line, but after some stretching, Sara was back to running again and before she knew it she was crossing the finish-line of a complete marathon.

After being doubted all her life, Sara now knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Sara recently heard from her sister and it was not good. Her sister laughed at her and said she would never amount to anything and that she would go back to the person that everyone felt sorry for.

Sara continues her determination and she says she will continue o push and prove her sister wrong.

When Sara returns for the third phase weigh in and Powell can't believe what he sees he is also surprised at how abusive and hurtful her sister was to her.

Now she finds out if she will qualify for the skin surgery and the results are...YES! Sara surpassed the goal of 50 percent as she lost 18 lbs in the third phase, breaking yet another record.

The doctor tells Sara that she lost 100 lbs. of pure fat and he continues the test to see if Sara qualifies for the skin surgery and tells her that she met all the goals that she needs to meet and she is a candidate for the surgery.

Sara's family is stuck in the snow storm but Chris and Heidi Powell agreed to stay with her until they were able to make it.

Chris says that Sara is proof that you can do any and everything you put your mind to. Now we move on to the reveal.

Chris gives the audience a summary of her story and gears them up for the all new Sara. Sara steps out and completely stuns the entire crowd, she looks absolutely amazing and for the first little person on EWL she has made the biggest impact so far breaking numerous records. Now for the final weigh in to see how much progress she made.

Sara now weighs an astonishing 109 lbs. which is 136 lbs.

less than she did before.

Since the surgery sara has continued to run and she is hoping to run yet another marathon.Sara has now learned to love herself and she wants to inspire others in her position or any negative situation to do so as well.