Extreme Weight Loss Recap, Season 4, Cassie Searches For Her Son

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Tonight on 'Extreme Weight Loss' Cassie is 39-year-old woman who weighs 347-lb. she wants to lose weight before she begins searching for her biological son, whom she gave up for adoption.

Chris and Heidi Powell help Cassie who unfortunately suffered emotional stress as a result of putting her son up for adoption. Former Green Bay Packer wide receiver, Donald Driver will also be joining the crew as they try to get Cassie into better shape.

The show starts with Cassie looking at her body in the picture and she said she hates it all and understands why her husband doesn't want to have sex with her often.

She is very much in tears but her husband comes in to give her a reassuring hug.

Cassie was always in shape when she was younger until she got pregnant at 20 years-old. All she remembers is that she signed her rights away but as she got older she felt guilty for putting her son up for adoption. She wants to have a better appearance and she wants to make a good impression when she finally meets her son. Cassie also turned to a lot of alcohol that she said is part of the lifestyle in Wisconsin.

She then turned to her husband and how much she was disappointed in him for becoming lazy and then drops the bomb that he also cheated on her. She explains since he cheated she went from 280 lbs. to 347.

Cassie wrote to Chris about how she doesn't want to sit at home and watch Extreme Weight loss and eating junk food. Cassie hasn't left her house in three years because of her weight.

Chris gives Cassie a personal message via video and instructs her take everything that will tempt her out of the house and move it into a moving van.

Cassie's husband Ryan helps her load all of the temptations and also vows to make a change as well, even vowing to give up alcohol for the one year journey.

Cassie rushes in to see Chris and she is very excited to start her journey after showing him her tape of what she sacrificed Chris chose her for the transformation of her life. Cassie said she lost herself and she wants to find her way back.

They begin the process with the weigh in and Cassie announces to the world that she weighs 347 lbs.

and Chris tells her that she will be trying to reach the goal of 173 lbs but that he will push her to lose at least 101 lbs.

The challenge begins with a medical examination which shows Cassie how much fat she actually has on her body. Cassie also learns how to change her lifestyle to match the amount of weight that she needs to lose.

Cassie struggles with the first couple of days of bootcamp and she gets nervous thinking that she might fail.

She does not want to fail and was thinking about quitting but Heidi had to rush in to try to calm her down.

At this point it seems like Cassie is actually ready to give up on trying to make her transformation.

Heidi manages to convince Cassie to stay and she admits that she didn't really think Cassie would leave and that she was just in a rough place and she needs some kind of victory. Chris brings Cassie so that she could climb the stairs of Seven Falls.He motivates her to climb and to keep pushing.

Chris tells her that she has to do it again and she continues to push, there was a moment where the two talked it seemed like the show might be severely rehearsed.

After a few motivational words from herself after her victory of climbing the stairs Cassie feels better about herself.

Cassie sent her son an email and she received one in return. He says that he would like to get to know her but he is hesitant to do so. After receiving the letter Cassie turns around and she is fired up to continue to push through her training.

Along with Cassie Chris becomes inspired to push Cassie even more. Heidi and Cassie bonded over the past couple of months and Heidi coaches her on how to make the phone call and becomes emotional as well.

Cassie manages to reach out to her son and makes a phone call that changes her life even more. She begins to realize that there was no reason for her to be scared.

Then comes the 90 day weigh in. Cassie steps on the scale and she has not quite reached her goal of 101 lbs. but she did manage to lose 77 lbs.

which is a big step. In phase two Cassie goes home and she is expected to lose 45 lbs., however, she has to see how or if her husband Ryan will be supportive.

Cassie returns home with more confidence than she has ever had before and she is welcomed by her husband and friends as well as Chris and Heidi who came to surprise her.

Chris and Heidi drop the bomb that her son was there and she would now be getting the chance to meet him. Nate comes out to meet his mom and she is incredibly touched and emotional.

Nate also finally meets his grandparents and they are completely overwhelmed with happiness.

Cassie and Nate find privacy in order to catch up and he informs her about the family he is with and he understands why she had to give him up.

Cassie said that it's going to be very hard to say goodbye to her son but that she feels like a whole person now that she has met her son.

Cassie and Ryan reconnect the night before they enter the house but once she entered she saw alcohol in the house and no sign of him trying to hep her. Cassie says it doesn't seem like her husband has changed at all and when she thought he was on board he wasn't. She then tells Chris and Heidi what she came home to and they all agree to sit down and talk about what is going on.

Heidi suggests that Cassie leaves Ryan in the past but they all sit down and Cassie vents her frustrations. Cassie says that she feels undervalued and Ryan says that he did not intend on her coming home to that.

Heidi and Chris pressure him and tell him that he needs to be supportive.

Donald Driver is brought in to bring the motivation to Cassie's doorstep in the final push for her weight loss. Heidi is worried that Cassie and Ryan won't make it through the year but she is hoping that Ryan will help her and also work out with her.

Ryan doesn't seem to be making the efforts and Chris actually notices. Now Chris wants to sit down and see if Cassie and Ryan are really going to work out.

Cassie heads to Hawaii for her 6 months weigh in and Ryan joins her. Cassie said she was ready to run from Ryan but things have been a bit better. She says that she is looking forward to the Hawaii getaway and then she steps on the scale...she is down but she hasn't lost 45 lbs. She fell just 7 pounds short but she is making tremendous progress.

Chris decides to not only challenge Cassie, but to challenge her marriage with Ryan. Chris hands Cassie a weight vest of 115 lbs.

and then tells Ryan that her fate is in his hands as every time Ryan shoots a par he takes away 10lbs. and for every birdy 20lbs.

Cassie will also have to serve as Ryan's caddy and now viewers get to see if Ryan is really the golfer he says he is and if their marriage can survive the challenge.

Ryan is not doing so well and it is not sitting well with Cassie because he continues to make excuses about his poor performance.

Ryan finally makes a par but Cassie breaks down and says she is tired of carrying all the weight especially after working to pay for him to go through golf school.

Chris wants to see if Cassie will tough it out or if she was going to leave Ryan. Cassie needs to realize that she may continue to carry the weight in the relationship and love him no matter what. Cassie needs to make a decision whether she is willing to stay or if she is going to go.

Ryan says that he is proud of Cassie and he wants to pick up the slack and the test proves that the relationship will continue to become stronger.

Ryan began to succeed in the golf game and he feels supported and is ready to make a change.

Back in Milwaukee the couple is doing amazing and it looks like they are doing it together. The word divorce will no longer be thrown around according to Cassie and now it is time for the 9 month weigh in. Cassie takes a step on the scale to see if she reached her goal of 208 and she has actually reached 202 which is 5 lbs.

short of what she needed. Cassie is even closer to weighing in the 100's. Now Cassie has to make the final three month push to reach her overall goal of weighing 173 lbs.

Cassie takes a visit to the doctor to see if she is a candidate for the skin removal surgery. The doctor tells Cassie that she has to lose some more weight for the optimal weight needed to start the skin removal surgery and she vows to go even harder than the last 9 months.

Fast forward now to the final reveal to see what Cassie has been able to transform herself into.

Chris gives the audience some background on Cassie and tells them that they will be blown away when they see her and then she steps out looking absolutely stunning. Cassie now weighs an astounding 171 lbs.

These transformation shows just seem to be a lot longer than they need to and a lot of the material is repetitive, but the transformations are amazing and they are very inspiring.

Cassie showed a lot of heart an tenacity throughout the entire process and she is the perfect example of what hard work and dedication can do. Chris and Heidi even managed to save a marriage in this one!