Extreme Weight Loss Recap: Bruce and Abuse

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Extreme Weight Loss is back with Chris Powell and his newest project, Bruce Pitcher (his Twitter). Bruce has an abusive past (his father) and through this process, he discovers his own ability to fight back.

Bruce admits that his father plagues him everyday and beyond weight loss, this is more about getting over something mentally damaging. Not only that, but shortly before the taping, he tried to commit suicide.

The shows host, Chris Powell, led up to the episode hinting that this transformation was going to be a big one:

Just like many participants on the show, Bruce has his doubts about the process, but much of it seems to stem from his past. It is even revealed that Bruce's father sexually abused him, which was one of the most heart-wrenching moments on the show. His father is actually in prison and is a registered sex offender. Bruce confronts his father later in the episode as his father goes up for parole.

His father denies the abuse, and the tension is very intense. For the first time, Bruce stands up and confronts his father for his past.

It is very emotional, but Bruce expresses that his father should not be released from prison.

On a much lighter note, this episode features Chris Powell shirtless, so ladies, enjoy.

Just like usual with the show, they brought in two celebrities to help with the process (and boost ratings), NFL greats Rocket Ismail and Jerry Rice. Cool moment on the field, but all of these celebrity cameos seem contrived and obvious. Very unnecessary but we get it. Bruce does reach his 90 day goal...

easily. 121 pounds in 90 days, wow. And the accomplishments keep rolling in, he hits his 6 month goal as well. He looks like a completely different person after 6 months.

The bottom line of this episode is one of the greatest transformations the series has ever seen. This transformation rivals any weight loss on any prime-time reality show. A total weight loss of 201 pounds.

And not only that, but Bruce is making it his life's mission to helping others that went through what he did. Much in the same way that most Biggest Loser contestants become personal trainers afterwards.

The best motivation can sometimes come from those that have been there before.