Extreme Talent: Kid Completes a 900 on a Skateboard With Ease

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It's very hard for parents to let their kids venture into extreme sports, however, the video of this kid nailing a 900, one of the hardest skateboard tricks to complete, shows the amazing results that can come from it.

(Video Below)

When Tony Hawk completed the first 900 on a vert ramp at X-Games 5 in San Francisco, the entire venue erupted with cheers and excitement. While this youngster didn't have that huge crowd or a vert ramp to help boost is confidence, it still didn't stop him from completing the trick.

He was skating in a bowl and managed to grab enough speed and air to complete the trick as it was caught on film.

It's incredible to think how easy this trick was but while watching it you can only imagine how his parents feel watching their son complete really difficult and dangerous tricks. There has to be a fair share of fear and pride as they witness how talented their child is.

The video is now going viral on Reddit and the little skater is getting a ton of positive feedback in the comments section of the video. How would you feel if this was your kid? Proud? Terrified? Both?

Watch the kid complete the 900 skate trick.