Extreme Cheapskates Love Review: Used Lingerie and Funeral Flowers Recap

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The strange, gross and incredibly cheap are back this week featuring a variety of couples who shows us that love really doesn't cost a thing.

Funeral flowers for a date, other peoples breast milk, renewing wedding vows for basically nothing, and used underwear (lingerie).

This weeks cheapskate is a rather hot young woman named Apple who has no shame trying on used lingerie in a thrift shop. The worst part is that when she finds one she likes, she says that $2.99 is out of her price range.

Breaking the salesman down because he really doesn't care, he gives in and takes a couple bucks off.

The lingerie scene does feel a bit fake, but then again no reality show is perfect. I mean why would the shop-owner judge her for trying on used lingerie when she sells it?

Earlier in the episode, the same woman is shown using friends breast milk for her daughter, which for her daughter, should be fun to know when she grows up. In addition, Apple goes to a salon and asks that used hair by applied to her head.

Luckily, they did not let that happen.

Honestly, the other people featured in the episode pale in comparison to Apple. Sure they were extreme but how could you notice? The only other standout was Matt who combines red and white wine into one very used bottle. He also takes flowers from old funerals in order to impress a first date named Leila. And as weird as that sounds, it's actually kind of genius.

It's not the best way to kick off a potential relationship, but hey. The worst part is taking free chips from the restaurant and leaving before the main course.

And now that girl has fallen hard for the cheapskate. Um, No.

So if you are ready to gag, make sure you see this one in the re-run cycle. We look forward to the next reality show where the extreme cheapskates talk to a psychiatrist.