Movie Review: Expendables 3

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They still got some fight in 'em but haven't we seen this before? The new Expendables 3 has everything we could ask for in an All Star action flick.

Explosions, well choreographed fight scenes and more explosions. The cast is almost over the top with an epic list of action stars, from Blade to Blade Runner.

Not only are these the bad-asses of our years past but they embrace that fact. Geriatric jokes and some references to just how old they've become brings some humor to the film.

Stallone tries to keep things fresh by replacing his old team with a cast of fresh young stars including Kellen Lutz. The plot? As simple as it is, manages to keep the movie moving right along. An ex brother in arms to Stallone, who betrayed him and his team has come back, quite the feat since he's supposed to be dead.

And now it's up to The Expendables to do what they do best.

And who might this new villain be? None other than Mel Gibson as an illegal weapons exporter. His past exploits have made him a perfect bad guy with a touch of crazy.

Not gonna lie, even though I felt a twang of deja vu throughout the film, it was still entertaining.

How much longer are we going to have the chance to see these fellas
on the big screen. It won't be long before the only action we see from them is sword-wielding cats in boots.

If you enjoyed the first and second films and want to see them all over again with a new and old cast, Expendables 3 will deliver. You can even jump right in with no knowledge of
the former films and still understand the premise.

While it may slightly lack top notch acting, it comes through as an entertaining action flick. Sure to satisfy a broad audience from the adrenaline junkies to the guy in sweats rockin' out to "Eye of The Tiger".