'Virgin Territory' Recap: John, Marjorie, Alec, Keyaira, S1 E9

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On tonight's new episode of "Virgin Territory" four virgins continue in their quest to lose the all-mighty v-card.

Last week Alec (his Twitter) came out to his family, and tonight he came out to his friends. He was admittedly nervous to tell them, but after sharing his personal information they all responded in a very positive way.

He said coming out for him was very big because now he can openly date a guy, and hopefully find someone special to lose his virginity to.

Alec nervously went out to a gay mixer with his two straight friends as support in hopes of meeting someone. Despite not getting any numbers, Alec was still happy to go out and be open about his sexuality.

Keyaira (her Twitter) also wants to lose her virginity to someone special, but she doesn't mind having some fun in the process of finding that someone special. She is very open about talking about sexual topics, including her lime-green vibrator she nicknamed "Ricky." On a date with her friend Cauri, who she secretly likes, she reveals that she is a virgin and he fully understands her situation.

Her and Cauri went on another date and he accepts an invitation to attend a dinner at her house to meet her parents.

John, who should be nicknamed "Awkward John," would like to follow the same path Alec and Keyaira are on and lose his virginity to someone special, however mounting peer pressure from his friends makes him almost desperate to lose it as soon as possible. He is the last remaining virgin in his group of friends, and it seems that losing his v-card is their number one goal. He is able to talk to girls a little bit, i.e.

in tonight's episode at a party and at a pool, but he quickly makes the situation awkward and, as he puts, "cockblocks himself." He decided to invite his best girl friend, Justine, on a date to see how things go between the two.

The dreaded end of the night encounter came for John, and as he went for a kiss she went for a hug.

Too many guys know exactly how this goes, am I right guys? John admits privately that he is definitely interested in her as more than a friend and will have to

At first Marjorie took a completely different route in losing her v-card. She wanted to lose it to someone without any emotional connection, however tonight that changed as she revealed that she wants to lose it to someone who cares about her. Her main concern when it comes to losing her virginity is that she wants to lose it before she graduates high school.

Her main problem is that she usually picks the wrong type of guy, and that was clear tonight as she was stood up at a bar by her latest interest.

She came to close to losing her virginity with her friend Hiago, one of her best friends, and it seems there is a chance of a potential relationship between the two.

The next episode of "Virgin Territory" airs Wednesday Sept. 17th at 11 p.m. on MTV. For more information and content from the show visit mtv.com