Ever Wonder What Phillip Phillips Does When He's Bored?

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There have many "American Idol" winners and runner-ups that have built successful careers, but Phillip Phillips might be one of the biggest yet and even he takes a little time out of his busy schedule to have fun.

So what does an "American Idol" winner who had, arguably one of the best albums in 2014 with "Behind The Light" do when he's bored? Well take a leave blower to the face that's what. Phillips posted a hilarious video of him spending some idle time in front of a leaf blower and used the slo-mo feature on his phone to give fans the full affect.

Hopefully it doesn't affect his vocal cords one bit.

Things you do when you're bored.

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Despite his recent display of idle time, a recent article in Mercury News shows that Phillips is anything but idle.

"You've got to make yourself sit down and write a lot," said Phillips according to the article.

"Sometimes the inspiration just comes to you, as well. But you can't just wait for it. It's different every time you write.

Sometimes it might be harder than it was the day before. I don't like forcing it, but sometimes, if you force it a little bit, it helps you to push forward and you get inspired in a way.

I've written songs in an hour. And there are songs that have taken me six months."

So, while he's busy entertaining and interacting with his fans on social media, Phillips is also still hard at work trying to bring the best music he can to fans.