Even Bastille is Excited for MTV's 'Scream'

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With only a week left until the premiere ofMTV's new show, "Scream," has been teased to no end. Even the Bastille's lead singer, Dan Smith, is pumped about the new series.

Smith posted a picture of an advertisement for "Scream" that he's seen on the side of a bus stop, earlier in the week.

MTV, of course, was delighted by this and tweeted "I See U" at the singer. Smith responded with a tweeted at MTV, again demonstrating just how excited he is for the new show.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiitttttttt....

A photo posted by @bastilledan on

MTV announced that they would be adapting the every famous "Scream" movies into a TV series. Meaning, don't get attached to any character as they could die at any moment.

Bella Thorne, the teased about first kill of the show, hinted that the show wouldn't be exactly like the movie.

"We took the best parts of the franchise and we have these famous scenes from the movie that everyone knows, but we do them in a different way."

One of those best parts is obviously the use of horror genre character tropes.

For almost a week, MTV has been posting small videos previewing each of the main characters of the show based on their horror trope. MTV has teased
The Jocks

The Fool

The Loners

The Sex Object

The Scholars

The Innocent

Each 30 second video came with an explanation behind how the role of the character determines their influence in the show. The obvious emphasis on simplifying the characters to their tropes is like horror satire movie, "A Cabin in The Woods."

The show airs on June 30th at 10, right after the second half of Teen Wolf's season premiere.