Erin Andrews Passes First NFL Test On Fox's "A" Team

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As the new season of the NFL began this weekend many new faces crowded the sidelines, including that of NFL on Fox's Erin Andrews(@ErinAndrews). In her first test as a sideline reporter, she passed with flying colors.

Andrews consistently provided an in depth and detailed analysis for the viewers, providing them with news and updates for both teams in this week's "Game of the Week," the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys.

On July 14 it was announced that veteran sideline reporter Pam Oliver, 53, would be replaced this season by Andrews, 36. For 19 seasons Oliver roamed the sidelines as part of FOX's "A" team for their NFL games on Sundays.

Now it is Andrews who joined commentators Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to cover the high profile game. Despite her resistance, Oliver was demoted to Fox's "B" team, joining Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch.

Oliver handled the news with class, and in an essay submitted to Oliver stated that she does believe Andrews is, "very capable," but that she can't help but the think the network was making a move to appear younger.

In her essay she said her 20th season might be her last saying, "...I'm headed into this season knowing it's time to say my good-byes. I'm going to savor every moment."

Andrews also showed respect and class in handling the situation. In an interview with USA Today she acknowledged Oliver as a, "trailblazer" and saying she can't, "thank her enough for being such a wonderful example for me."

In her essay Oliver wrote, "As one executive said to me, Fox Sports will look radically different in the coming years.

I assume that means they want to look younger." It is inevitable that talks of ageism and sexism would arise from such a move by Fox Sports.

Andrews has proven her worth, from her years with ESPN to her new stint as sideline reporter, but it seems that her youthful appearance may have been a driving force behind their move.