Eric Stonestreet and 'Apparently Kid' Noah Ritter Visit The Ellen Show

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Thanks to a hilarious television interview, Noah Ritter or, "Apparently Kid" as many people know him as, has become a popular viral sensation for years.

Now, he is teaming up with Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet for a new show called, The Toy Box. Both stars visited The Ellen Show to catch up about the experience.

Before Ritter joined Stonestreet on stage, he revealed the premises of the show which finds toy makers and experts having their products judged by kids who decided whether or not the toy will be made by Mattel.

The winner has their toy available for purchase the day after the final show airs.

Ritter came out to hang out with DeGeneres and Stonestreet and DeGeneres wanted to know what his new hobby was. Ritter's new hobbies include playing Pokemon Go and karate.

He has been taking classes for a few months and he is a green belt. He then detailed the excruciating process of earning the black belt. Stonestreet wanted to know who Ritter's favorite host was and the answer wasn't difficult.

Ritter said he felt a little remorse because he once said he didn't like anything about the toys.

Stonestreet and Ritter had to promote Mattel as the number one toy company. DeGeneres noticed that Ritter doesn't say "apparently" anymore, he followed up by saying, "well apparently, I turned over a new leaf."

You can hear all about the new show and watch Ritter show off his karate moves in The Ellen Show video below.

Eric Stonestreet and 'Apparently Kid' Noah Ritter Visit The Ellen Show