Eric Andre Returns To the Stern Show to Play Prostate Karaoke

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As you could probably expect, things got pretty crazy when Eric Andre visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

They spoke about the new season of The Eric Andre Show and Andre took part in a prostate karaoke, which is just as comical and awkward as you might imagine

Stern began the interview with Andre by talking about the fact that the show has lasted for four seasons despite the doubters. He wanted to know if there were writers for the show and Andre revealed that he writes all year with his partner Dan Curry.

He also stated that at times, they would invite comedians to write in a two week period.

The show was excited for the prostate karaoke bit that would come later on and Andre got Benjy onboard for the visit to Dr. Fisch's office.

Andre told Stern that his song choice for the karaoke aspect of the exam would be Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" from the Batman soundtrack.

Andre did address some of the crazy stunts he pulls for his show, including his visit to the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.

"Eric said he does freak out when he's on the subway or when he's at the Republican National Convention or Democratic National Convention. He said that they all had weapons at the RNC. He said that he went up to Alex Jones who is a bit hot blooded," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"He said he was speaking at a Bikers for Trump rally and he's like a WWE wrestler. He said he walked up with a fishing pole with a microphone on it and tried to interview him during his speech.

He said biker dudes were pushing him out of the way.

He said he was asked on the stage and he told Alex he wanted him to f**k his wife. He said Alex was thrown off and he had him taken off the stage."

Andre spoke about some of the guests who have stormed off of the stage in the past including Lauren Conrad and most recently T.I. Following the discussion about The Eric Andre Show, Andre, Sal Governale, Benjy, Gary Dell'Abate and Richard went out to Dr.

Harry Fisch's office for prostate karaoke.

The winner was Sal Governale with a score of 15, eight from Robin Quivers and seven from Stern. It was pretty strange to listen to and incredible zany but with Eric Andre, you wouldn't expect anything less from him.