Epic Rap Battles of History Review: 'Ellen V.S. Oprah'

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The new Epic Rap Battles of History has premiered. And it takes us to the present after starting the season with characters from the past.

This installment features talk show legends Oprah Winefrey and Ellen Degerenes but no appearances by EpicLloyd or NicePeter. Fill-ins Lauren Flans and November Christine perform well in their absence.

In addition, the lines in the battle have enough references to make someone who isn't a fan of daytime television chuckle.

The image of two people with such pristine images engaging in a rap battle is enough to elicit a few laughs.

Flans, who plays Ellen in the video, satirically references the talk show host's tendency to do quirky dances on national television.

She gets Degerenes's mannerisms down well, and insults Oprah by mentioning Tom Cruise's now-infamous chair hopping incident that occurred on her show.

Her best line, however, is when she states that Oprah would "get more whipped than Stedman"-- a reference to Stedman Graham.

Christine plays Oprah, and she captures the television icon's inadvertently grandiose persona. She makes fun of Degeneres's dances, and she closes her final verse with a bit of autotuned vocals from the actor playing Graham.

There is enough in "Ellen vs. Oprah" to make you laugh. Both actors nail their characters' mannerisms. And the set of Degeneres's show is recreated with impressive diligence.

You can watch "Ellen vs. Oprah" here.

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