Epic Rap Battles of History Recap: Harry Houdini vs. David Copperfield

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Epic Rap Battles of History is back with the latter half of season 4.

Last week, we got a battle of duos, one serious and one comedic; Bill and Ted verbally sparred with Lewis and Clark. This week, however, the lyrics have a magical edge: David Copperfield faces off against Harry Houdini.

EpicLloyd plays Houdini, and NicePeter plays Copperfield. There is also a quick appearance by Criss Angel, but this battle of illusionists of the nostalgic variety--no young stars.

Copperfield's Best Disses

The battles are known for referencing events from the characters' lives. This video is no exception.

Copperfield goes to work on Houdini, saying that he'll walk right through him--just as he did the Great Wall of China. It's one of his more notable exploits.

Even if you can't actually see it from space, it would still prove challenging to walk through, by means of illusion or otherwise.

At the end of Copperfield's first verse, he insists that Houdini should look up to him, as he knows he likes heights. He is then pulled off screen.

Houdini's Best Disses

EpicLloyd opens his first verse as Houdini by taking a shot at the size of Copperfield's genitals.

It's always funny when you take someone not associated with rap culture and caricaturize them with hip hop undertones. This, however, is not his best diss.

That comes in his second verse, when he states that Copperfield is the worst thing to happen to magic since "The Gathering"--a reference to the popular trading card game.

Who Won ?

This is, of course, not an official decision. But it is my opinion. So if you disagree, that's what the comment section is for.

But I digress: David Copperfield, played by NicePeter, wins this one. Houdini's effort was noble. But NicePeter included clearer references to Copperfield's--and, for that matter, Houdini's--exploits.

You can watch Harry Houdini vs. David Copperfield here. If you have a different opinion on the victor, let us know in the comment section below.