EP Review: Mike Posner's 'The Truth EP' Is Refreshingly Real

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It's been quite some time since we heard a solid release from Mike Posner other than a few one of R&B hits.

Now, he returns with "The Truth" EP a refreshingly real account about the highs and lows about celebrity status.

"Cooler Than Me" was a pretty solid hit. It was catchy, it was popular and people loved the overall sound.

Somehow, Posner didn't seem to want to carry on that college persona anymore.

He's grown as an artist and from the sound of it, it's really the growing pains of success that sparked his creative move to what fans can look forward to on "The Truth" EP.

"So I'm very hesitant to sound douchey like I'm trying to sell you something....I'm just EXCITED. If you want to stream the Truth for free forever, here's the link ...that's totally cool with me.

BUT, If the music does something for you and you'd like to support me as a patron, you can purchase the TRUTH EP here.

I love you guys," wrote Posner in a message to his fans according to The Early Registration.

"Thank you so much for allowing me to not get a real job and focus on making this art for you. Again, these are four songs from the upcoming album."

Now here comes an artist who wants to share "The Truth" with his fans. His song "I Took A Pill In Ibiza," sounds like a first hand account of what his life was when he first got a taste of fame.

He talks about being high at the beginning of his career where he was living a fast paced life but it seemed to be a life without direction.

He tells his listeners that they don't want to be high like him because when it wore off and he was all alone, a sort of pain set in, a pain you can feel through the song.

"The Truth" EP continues it's melancholic account with "Buried In Detroit." It's an ode to his roots in Detroit and how much he loves the city. No matter what adventure he explored in other cities throughout the world Posner will never forget the city he came up in.

Continuing the series of lows for Posner is a heartfelt song about heartbreak and losing someone you loved the most.

In "Not That Simple," Posner never felt like he deserved the woman he was writing about and now that all the fame has subsided all does is think about someone that use to be his.

The EP concludes with "Be As You Are" which seems to be a complete rehashing of "I Took A Pill In Ibiza." It also features a series of wise words from his mother in a very touching track. He revisits every moment he spent crying to his mother seeking her advice and support.

In each instant she advised him to "Be As Your Are" and forget about exploring the life of a superstar.

He finally declares that he isn't the same person he use to be but to this day he still seeks his mother's counseling at all of the rough stages in his life.

Mike Posner's first approach was never bad because there were shades of the marvelous songwriter on tracks like "Delta 1406," where it seemed like he was struggling with his identity even then.

What he's done with "The Truth" EP is finally embrace who he really is and it's truly remarkable to think how far he's come.

These four songs are an awesome preview to what's to come on the full length album, but in the meantime fans can sit back and take it what he's brought you so far.