EP Review: Miguel's 'Rogue Waves' EP is Absolutely Awesome

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In a pretty strategic move on Miguel's part, he chose to have his biggest hit from the Wildheart album, "Waves" remixed by a diverse group of incredible artists.

The result is the Rogue Waves EP and it will blow your mind at just how diverse the song is.

The first of the five remixes on the album is done be Tame Impala, one of the most talked about alternative/electronic bands over the last year. Tame Impala's remix of "Waves" is an expansion of the upbeat vibe of the song.

It has even more layers than that of the original track and really gives you a funky vibe expanding upon the psychedelic nature of the song.

(Stream Rogue Waves Below)

Next up is the "Waves" (Joshua Tree Version) featuring a wide array of instruments. There is almost a wild jungle-like vibe to this track with a ton of cowbells knocking in the background.

It maintains the powerful acoustic guitar giving it a very natural sound overall.

It's quite an acquired taste and may be the weakest of the five remixes on Rogue Waves, that being said it is still a high quality manipulation of track and very enjoyable.

The "Waves" (RAC Remix) turns the song into something almost unrecognizable in terms of the beat.

The heavy electronic influence from the Grammy Nominated artist really breathes new life into "Waves." All of the layers are beautifully done and it's definitely one of the huge stand out versions on the track on Rogue Waves.

Then comes what looks to be the favorite remix of "Waves" based on Miguel's Twitter feed.

Miguel enlists Contemporary Country artist Kacey Musgraves for a beautiful acoustic, stripped down version of "Waves." It's very delicate and the perfect break from the other upbeat versions of the song that listeners were present with.

Musgraves beautiful tone perfectly intertwines with a calmer vocal from Miguel and if you check out Miguel's Twitter page, you'll be able to see just how much fans are enjoying this version of "Waves." If you want to hear more from Musgraves you can check out her album Pageant Material.

Last but not least is the the first remix of "Waves" that fans were given. Miguel gets some help from Travis Scott on the remix which gives the song a heavy hip-hop beat.

Miguel's verses stay the same then Scott comes in and completely rips a verse towards the last third of the song.

It rounds out what is a pretty impressive remix EP for Miguel that lets fans see how versatile his hit track could be.

Check out the Rogue Waves EP below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Listen to the Rogue Waves EP below.