Emma Watson's Taste for Muggles: The Scoop On Emma's Non-Celebrity Loves

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We've all watched Emma Watson grow up from being a bright eyed cherub to a sophisticated young woman.

Unlike many celebrities, Emma Watson's romantic relationships seem completely authentic. In fact, what surprises us most is that she consistently chooses to date non-celebrities.

With tabloids now reporting on her fling with yet another non-celebrity, William "Mack" Knight, we've profiled her 3 most "muggle-y" boyfriends through the years, who are decidedly disconnected from the entertainment world.

2015-2016: Emma Watson and William "Mack" Knight

Emma Watson has been most recently spotted dating this "muggle" beginning in February 2016. While the two had reportedly been dating since last year, their public outings have taken place only in the past 6 months.

The two have been seen taking in Broadway shows and vacationing across the globe, traveling from Big Sur, California to Oxfordshire, England.

Knight describes himself on his online profile as a 'tech/entrepreneurship enthusiast, business school grad, writer, artist, photographer, adventurer, naturalist, etc." According to the Daily Mail, Knight might be just a cut above the rest of Emma Watson's past boyfriends given that he was raised in one of New York's wealthiest suburbs, Locust Valley, and his father served as director of the Creek Club, one of the most elite country clubs, visited by the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

2014: Emma Watson and Matt Janney

Emma Watson was appointed a visiting fellow at Oxford University this year. Small wonder then that she had a taste for all-star athletes who hail from the famed school. Matt Janney is an English rugby player who played the sport for Oxford University and for the Georgia National team. He is of Georgian descent and born in London.

According to People Magazine, Emma Watson and Matt Janney were spotted canoodling during a getaway to the Caribbean. Emma Watson met Janney after an annual varsity rugby match between Oxford and Cambridge at Twickenham Stadium in London.

Watson was reportedly watching Janney's game from the stands and also attended the post match victory celebrations at a local bar in London with him.

2012-2013: Emma Watson and Will Adamowicz

We were all rooting for this one to last. This was the "muggle of all muggles," the college boyfriend.

Emma Watson dated Will Adamowicz for what seemed like ages. Countless photos of them with their arms affectionately slung around each other popped up in every gossip magazine.

Will Adamowicz and Emma Watson met while studying English at Oxford University. Both had transferred their studies there from Brown University. Watson would even reunite with Adamowicz in between a busy schedule of film promotion.

The two had been first seen together smooching at The Coachella Music Festival.

Although it is unclear why the two split, several news sources, including this CelebBuzz article, claim that the leak of a photograph showing Adamowicz sitting in front of a table handling suspicious white powder may have played a role.

Photo credit: Georges Biard