Emma Stone Plays The Whisper Challenge and More On The Tonight Show

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La La Land star Emma Stone paid The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a visit and chatted about playing the tambourine for Prince and auditioning for the 90s hit show All That.

Stone will be hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time and said that it is always fun. The actress and Fallon last saw each other at the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary.

She was doing Cabaret at the same time and had to jump right into character. Stone said everywhere you looked you would see people that you've never seen in person before.

Fallon said the after party will probably go down in history as the greatest party ever. Stone said she was dancing and stepped on a piece of glass.

She sat down so that someone could get the glass out with a knife and as soon as it was over, she was asked if she wanted to join Prince on stage and said yes without hesitation.

So, she ended up playing the tambourine on stage with Prince, with a bleeding foot.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Stone once auditioned for Nickelodeon's All That which was like SNL. Stone didn't know she had to enter the audition with characters and came up with three off the top of her head.

One included a cheerleader who couldn't spell what she was cheering.

In addition to her hilarious interview, Stone played what may be the most legendary game of The Whisper Challenge yet.

You can watch the hilarious highlights and Stone's Whisper Challenge in The Tonight Show videos below. You can catch Emma Stone in La La Land, set to hit theaters on December 16.

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