Eminem Inspires With 'Guts Over Fear' Music Video

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Everyone has heard of the "Cinderella stories," underdogs who are underrated and never the favorite somehow find a way to rise to the top.

That is exactly the type of effect that is featured in Eminem's music video for "Guts Over Fear" featuring Sia.

(Watch The Video Below)

The video was released yesterday along with the "Shady XV" album celebrating 15 years of Shady Records music. The music video is an ode to those who have come up in some of the most unfortunate situations.

The story of the underdog is used a lot in main stream media and in music, however, Eminem manages to provide a little more context into his life while using the visual of a Rocky Balboa-like storyline for his video to help other understand the message.

It is one of the many times that Eminem has been able to send a positive message and inspire many to keep pushing through whatever hardship they are going through.

The lyrics speak of overcoming the fear of failure and diving into something that will help you rise to the top.

"Shady XV" features all Shady Record artists both past and present including 50 Cent, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Obie Trice, D12 and more. Check out the inspirational music video for "Guts Over Fear" below.

Eminem "Guts Over Fear" Music Video