Elle Fanning Admits Stalking Channing Tatum At A Beyoncé Concert

During her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, actress Elle Fanning had a pretty interesting story to tell. The story involved a Beyonce concert and Channing Tatum, so naturally everyone knew it would be a good one.

Fanning told Fallon she had a really good summer and went to a Beyonce concert. The actress went with one of her best friends and said that they were seated in an area with no one else around them.

They went to go get Dodger Dogs, and when they came back there was a man sitting next to her friends.

At first, Fanning teased her friend about sitting next to a dad who had to bring his daughter to the Beyonce concert.

She would later regret that, however, when Channing Tatum looked up and turned out to be the "dad." She tried to get her friend to move in order to sit next to him, and she did admit to talking to him a little, but he was there with his wife.

Fanning said that she and her friends continued to watch the Beyonce concert, but they also snuck a few glimpses of Tatum at the same time.

Later, Fanning and her friends tried to sneak a photo of themselves with Tatum in the background.

Unfortunately, it came out a bit too blurry. You can hear all about Fanning's Beyonce and Channing Tatum experience in the Tonight Show video below.

Ellen Fanning Admits Stalking Channing Tatum At A Beyonce Concert