Ellen DeGeneres Urges Us All To Get Along After The 2016 Election

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Like many mainstream talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres has chosen to take a comedic yet important stance on addressing the 2016 election results, only, she didn't actually know the outcome of the election as she was taping Wednesday's show on Tuesday afternoon.

In her opening monologue, DeGeneres wanted to remind us all about how important it is for everyone to get along.

DeGeneres joked that the election was finally over and she didn't want to know the results because she already had it on her DVR. The host continued to say that people have been very passionate during this election and everyone loves the country, we just have different ideas about it. She added that we are all far more alike than we are different.

She said we all need to have the kindness and respect for one-another. The only exception is people who leave their shopping cart in the middle of a parking spot.

Of course, she brought her message home with some adorable clips of animals from all different species are getting along. You can watch the full Ellen Show monologue in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Urges Us All To Get Along After The 2016 Election