Ellen DeGeneres Talks Maintaining A Positive Outlook

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Yesterday's monologue from The Ellen Show found DeGeneres making jokes before even know the results of the 2016 Election. Following the decision, DeGeneres now had some more words to say on staying positive.

In her monologue for the November 10, 2016 show, DeGeneres opened by saying the big winner of the election was alcohol.

DeGeneres said her job is to be hopeful and make everybody feel good. She intends on doing it as long as she can because she loves everyone and also, because she has very expensive taste in automobiles.

DeGeneres quoted Eleanor Roosevelt and Kanye West in the same moment which was pretty classic and very much necessary. She then introduced a clip of a baby iguana escaping a ton of snakes.

The clip has been going viral and DeGeneres said if you feel like there are snakes coming at you from every direction, there is always hope for your little iguana.

You can check out DeGeneres' monologue in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Talks Maintaining A Positive Outlook