Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Twin Sisters

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Today marked a bonus day of Ellen DeGeneres' 12-days and she surprised two twin sisters from Canada in the funniest ways. DeGeneres welcomed Sylvie and Chantel to her show and the two happened to be DeGeneres' biggest fans.

DeGeneres asked everyone in the audience to standup as she didn't immediately tell them who she would be surprising. She then had a series of traits that the audience members has to fit in order to stay standing, if they didn't fit the build, too bad.

DeGeneres kept going until Sylvie and Chantel were left screaming loudly with joy and embracing each other.

One of the twins had written in to the show because she wanted her sister, who is really the bigger fan of DeGeneres, to live out her dream by being able to go to the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While telling the story, both sisters were emotional and so overwhelmed. DeGeneres found the entire thing pretty funny and flattering and couldn't believe how excited they were.

DeGeneres had learned that the sisters live 18 hours away and she wanted them to spend more time with each other, so, she decided to send them on a six-day trip to Cabo, San Lucas.

The surprise sent the twins into another overwhelming scream as they made their way back to their seats. You can check out the madness below.

Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Twins