Ellen DeGeneres Releases The Hot Hands Mobile App

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As if Ellen DeGeneres didn't have enough incredible venture for you, here's one more to add. DeGeneres revealed that her popular game Hot Hands will now be available in the form of a mobile app.

The host made the announcement on her show and to celebrate the release of the app, she decided to play the game on her show.

DeGeneres grabbed an audience member and explained she needed to figure out who the hotshots in the photos are. If the fan could name 15 of the hotshots, she would be winning $5,000.

The fan took on the challenge and literally ot 15 names exactly in time to win herself $5,000. The app is available for free in the Google Play and App Store for Apple.

The surprises never seem to end as DeGeneres also announced that anyone who downloads the show for today's release, will be able to win a trip to her show.

So, if you ever wanted to visit The Ellen Show but couldn't afford to fly out there, now may be your chance.

In the meantime, check out the awesome game of Hit Hands from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Announces The Hot Hands Mobile App