Ellen Degeneres Opens Up On Howard Sterns SiriusXM Radio Show

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It's her New York premiere week but Ellen Degeneres still managed to take some time out of her packed schedule to make her first appearance on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

This week Degeneres will be taking on the big apple and a bunch of big name celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner in her first ever talk show appearance. Stern kicked off the interview by introducing Degeneres who said that she was waiting for the appearance for a long time according to a MarksFriggin rundown of the show.

Things quickly kicked into gear with Stern asking Degeneres if she thought her show would make it to it's 13th season. She cleverly replied that she wasn't really thinking ahead of the show but rather concentrating on selling her show.

"She said they worried if people would watch a lesbian hosting a daytime talk show. Howard said he knows that her sitcom got a lot of flack when she came out," according to MarksFriggin.

"Ellen said she wasn't even talking about her lesbianism. She said it was the press. Howard said that she went into a terrible depression for 3 years.

Howard said Rosie told her not to do the show. Howard said then she had to slog her way back into the public favor.

Ellen said she wasn't able to work for 3 years. She said she wanted to be truthful because when you don't then you're always worried that you'll be discovered by someone."

New York Premiere tapes tomorrow. #EllenInNYC

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It's pretty interesting to hear about Degeneres early life in New Orleans where she worked normal jobs at places like JC Penny to the first instant she was asked to go on stage to help raise money for girls in need.

Degeneres said she never really thought of herself as a comedian but rather considered herself to be an introvert, to which Stern agreed with.

"Howard said he loves when Ellen comes out and dances. He said what's weird about it is wondering why he likes it," according to the rundown.

"Howard said he suspects she can't dance. Howard said he heard she doesn't like dancing but the audience is demanding it so she can't stop. Ellen said she doesn't like when she's out in public and people ask her to dance.

She said that she hears that all the time.

Howard said it's like people saying 'Dance, Monkey!' Ellen said that she loves music and she did it as a joke. She said the audience loved it and then it became a thing."

Degeneres spoke a bit about her first show with Jennifer Aniston and said that in the beginning a lot of her friends like Aniston believed in her and were more willing to appear on her show. She also did some practice interviews with celebrities like Tom Hanks and Alanis Morissette which was pretty surprising to people who hadn't seen her do a clean act because they were so use to her stand-up. Meanwhile, she broke into a bit of information on her early life in New Orleans where her parents got divorced when she was 13-years-old.

She said depression didn't affect her mother until later on down the line because it was her idea to get the divorce.

However, later on down the line Degeneres said her mother started smoking and drinking and became the kid in the family.

"Ellen said her mother thought that it was going to change and it would go away," when Stern asked about Degeneres coming out.

"Ellen said that her father's new wife asked her to move out because the wife had two daughters and she thought that she was going to make them change."

She said that she has forgiven everyone and she doesn't really talk about it much. Degeneres revealed that she did date men in High School and that she liked guys but hadn't slept with any.

When Stern asked her if she has ever slept with a man, Degeneres confirmed that she has. Other topics that were explored included a pretty horrible incident where a woman she was dating at the time cheated on her and how she'd driven past an accident that the woman "Kat" was in without knowing it was her until the next day.

Degeneres also talked the Tonight Show, turning down the role of Phoebe on Friends, being criticized by Elton John and much more.

It's a side of Degeneres that is important for her fans to see and was one of the better interviews that Howard Stern has had the entire year.

She's come a long way from her days in New Orleans and now she's going to be taking on New York as the Ellen Degeneres Show will premiere today at 4PM EST on NBC.

Check out a full transcript of the interview here.

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