Ellen DeGeneres Gives Sam Smith A Hilarious Scare

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When it comes to serving up a scare, Ellen DeGeneres knows how to get it done.

During his recent visit to The Ellen Show, Sam Smith found out first hand what it feels like to get the crap scared out of you.

Smith and DeGeneres were discussing the fact that he lives in a really old house that used to be a school. He also believes that it is haunted, however, the star told DeGeneres that he is pretty in touch with all of the spooky stuff and believes there are ghosts everywhere.

Smith says he hears crazy stuff and his sister feels like someone is watching her while she sleeps.

DeGeneres suggested that he move but Smith said he has a good relationship with the ghost. He said sometimes he wakes up at night and says, "leave me alone" and the ghosts actually listen to him.

As soon as he was done talking about how well he interacts with them, DeGeneres pulls not one but two mega-scares on Smith. Last week, DeGeneres gave Niall Horan a pretty crazy scare as well, after all, it is October.

During his visit to the show, Smith also chatted about the Oscars controversy and performed his new single, "Too Good at Goodbyes."

You can check out the scares and more from Sam Smith's visit in The Ellen Show videos below.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Sam Smith A Hilarious Scare

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Sam Smith Performs "Too Good at Goodbyes"