Ellen DeGeneres Announces A Netflix Standup Special

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After years away from standup comedy, Ellen DeGeneres has announced her return.

Like many of the recent comeback comedians, DeGeneres is teaming up with Netflix for the standup special. The star made her announcement during a taping of The Ellen Show.

DeGeneres and her DJ tWitch were having a conversation about special things and she revealed that she had some special news. The host said she received a tweet from the people over at Netflix earlier on in the week and she has good news and bad news.

She joked that the bad news was they wouldn't tell her what happened to Barb on Stranger Things.

The good news? They asked her if she wanted to do a standup special. DeGeneres said she was going to have to think about but then said yes a whopping 30 seconds later.

This marks her return to standup after 15 years. She is currently in the process of writing and figuring out what her venue will be for the special.

This is pretty exciting news for fans who have been asking her for a standup special.

Now, as DeGeneres put it, they will all have the opportunity to, "Netflix and chill with her." Check out Ellen DeGeneres' major announcement in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Announces A Netflix Standup Special