Ellen DeGeneres and Heidi Klum Are Sia and Maddie Zeigler For Halloween

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Leave it up to Ellen DeGeneres to come up with one of the most awesome costume pieces possible.

She dressed up as Sia for Halloween and had a little help from Heidi Klum who dressed up as Sia's sidekick, Maddie Zeigler.

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DeGeneres came out and cracked a joke with the audience saying, "as you can see I'm Sia but I can't really see ya." She included more jokes about swinging from chandeliers before welcoming out Klum as Zeigler.

Klum even added a couple of Zeiglers classic dance moves.

As a special added treat, DeGeneres and Klum decided to perform Sia's "Chandelier" and it couldn't have been any more spot on. You can check out the awesome costumes and performance in The Ellen Show video below.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres and Heidi Klum Reveal Their Sia and Maddie Zeigler Halloween Costumes