Electro-pop Band Ready Never's Debut Album Release 'Eleutherophobia'

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In early January, the Los Angeles based electro-pop band Ready Never released their debut album 'Eleutherophobia', and since then, has been basking in the success of their catchy tunes and work.

The band is different from most, for they incorporate both electronic dance music and rock music into one, putting on one of the best live performances.

Consisting of Benny Ed and Clinton Karcher, the band started as a virtual music project.

After releasing some videos for their music online, Ready Never realized that their music was gaining a following and fans from all around, which is when they decided to make their music a more serious project.

For those who are fans of Daft Punk and Swedish House Mafia, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foster the People - you are sure to enjoy the work of Ready Never, incorporating some of your favorite genres into one. 'Eleutherophobia' contains many different EDM styles, including dubstep and house sounds, along with live drum and bass.

Ready Never's live show consists of both rock and roll and EDM, what the band calls as "EDM Rock".

"We wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music," the band explained.

"But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back, which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound," they continued about their "EDM Rock" sound and live performances incorporating the two different music genres.

When writing this piece, I decided to throw on 'Eleutherophobia' on Spotify to take a listen to Ready Never for myself. The work and sound of the band is right up my alley and fits perfectly within my personal music palette. I love the more "chill-electro" sounds that are incorporated with live instruments, combining my two favorite genres of music: electronic and indie-rock.

Ready Never is a project that is bound to gain a large following, especially with their festival performances and related sounds to other popular artists in the industry. I was sure to follow the band right away and to add their tracks to my favorite playlists.

I am really looking forward to catching the band perform their live set at some of my favorite summer music festivals.

If their live set is as amazing as it has been said to be, I among other festival goers are certainly in for a groovy treat.

The band has performed at music festivals including Mysterland Pepsi Rock Festival, have opened up for Sting in Columbia, and set out to tour around Japan this spring.

As for more future plans in the coming months, the band plans to record and release their next album this year, as well as perform live sets at festivals and events this coming festival season and summer.

For more information on Ready Never, be sure to visit www.readynever.com - and to take a listen to what the funky and eclectic band has in store for fans, take a listen to some of their work at www.soundcloud.com/readynevercloud/eleutherophobia.

Stay tuned for more to come from this electro-pop band, rising to the top in no time!