Edward Norton Tells His Story of Saving Leonard DiCaprio On The Tonight Show

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Leonardo DiCaprio fans can start thanking Edward Norton for saving the life of their favorite celebrity.

Norton, who is doing his press run for Collateral Beauty, stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and told the host all about the time he saved DiCaprio's life.

Fallon first wanted to know if there was truth to the story and Norton confirmed that it was indeed true, before revealing that he and DiCaprio had been friends for a long time through their love for environmental advocacy.

They have never worked together but it was the importance of climate change and the planet that brought them together.

Norton and Dicaprio have taken plenty of trips all over the world together and even went diving together. They were on a diving trip on the Galapagos Islands and Norton said he loves DiCaprio, however, he is addicted to devices.

Norton said that DiCaprio is always trying to see which club is blowing up and which super model turned 18. Yeah, he was really outing his friend here.

Norton joked that DiCaprio was paying more attention to an underwater camera and said that they called him "unlucky Leo" because of a series of unfortunate events that have occurred in his life. They were all in the water and he realized DiCaprio wasn't there.

Norton said they were almost at the end of the dive and he swam out in the ocean to see DiCaprio with his eyes wide open.

He gave him an oxygen mask so he could catch his breath and DiCaprio was thanking him for saving his life. It didn't seem dramatic to Norton, however, he said it seemed pretty dramatic to DiCaprio.

You can watch Edward Norton tell his story of saving Leonardo DiCaprio in The Tonight Show video below. Collateral Beauty is set to hit theaters on December 16.

Edward Norton Tells His Story of Saving Leonard DiCaprio On The Tonight Show