EDM DJ's Mashd N Kutcher Trolls An Entire Crowd With Tears For Fears

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If you're a fan of Tears For Fears you probably continued raging while watching this video (highly, unlikely).

However, fans who attended a Mashd N Kutcher show got the troll of their lives during an EDM set at the Good Life Festival in Brisbane.

(Video Below)

One of the best parts of an EDM set is the moment the beat drops after a huge build up. It's an epic moment that fans go wild for and the EDM duo Mashd N Kutcher took advantage of that situation and used it as a moment to troll all of his fans.

As the set began it's huge build up, fans were ready to jump with all of their energy when it dropped.

However, something wasn't right. When the beat dropped it was really the hook from Tears For Fears hit "I Know This Much Is True."

This will inevitably go down as one of the greatest trolls in the history of trolling.

Can you imagine this happening at an Electric Daisy set or something with a massive crowd? You can hear the sheer dissapointment in the video for fans who were looking forward to raging, well, it looks like Mashd N Kutcher is taking a page out of Ashton Kutcher's book and going on a Punk'd spree.

Watch the hilarious video below.