The Edgy 'Savages' Band Claims The No. 1 Spot on Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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It seems as if the UK has been pumping out alternative bands at a high frequency for decades. Today, another one of those bands sits atop the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart and it goes by the name of Savages.

"Adore" is the track that has landed Savages their number one track on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

Jehnny Beth, Ayse Hassan, Fay Milton and Gemma Thompson are the members of the edgy and dark band who look to enjoy being decked out in black.

Fans are enjoying the alternative force that is "Adore" along with its masterfully shot music video.

The intensity that the band brings on songs like "F**kers" show that they are the real deal. The screaming guitars matched with explicit lyrics show that these women aren't scared of anyone, especially critics.

Every contributor in this band is full of raw talent and it shines through the intense music that they create.

You can check out the music video for "Adore" below and let us know what you think about Savages in the comments section.

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Check out "Adore" by Savages below.