Ebro Darden Gets The Last Laugh in the Eminem Drake Diss Fiasco

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This is what happens when you jump the gun on a story.

Multiple reports started swirling when Ebro Darden stated that he heard Eminem was going to diss Drake. After the stories broke, Ebro took to Twitter to laugh off the rumor as a joke that he was playing on everyone.

"It was such a joke and people ran with it... Slow news day.

Drake got too much respect for all that...," said Ebro in a tweet addressing a fan who did not believe that Drake would ever say something like that.

"Facts we was joking...Talked about in jest & fools jumped out the window. I ain't even think it was a big deal," he continued.

It's easy to see why many would believe that Eminem could diss Drake. After all, Slaughterhouse is signed to Shady Records and of course, Joe Budden happens to be a member of the rap supergroup filled with lyricists.

So understandably, you can't be too sure these days. However, there will be no Eminem diss for Drake and Drizzy isn't the type of guy that would go after someone like Eminem.

If Drake doesn't respond to Kendrick Lamar, there is simply no way he would even entertain the thought of going at Eminem or even having "something ready for him." Looks like Ebro won the Internet for completely trolling everyone.

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