Ebony Day YouTube Talent To Watch: Beautiful Covers Of One Direction, Echosmith & More

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As she approaches 300,000 followers on YouTube, Ebony Day continues to post some of the most genuine covers on the internet.

YouTube hosts an increasingly large population of untapped talent that has yet to be discovered in the mainstream light.

Day is indeed one of those talents.

her voice is delicate and controlled as she sings some of the hottest songs on the top charts including, One Direction's "Steal My Girl," "Fireproof," Echosmith's "Cool Kids" and "Ariana Grande's "Break Free" to name a few.

Echosmith "Cool Kids Cover" featuring Shaun Reynolds, Black Prez & Eppic Remix

Her reworked version of "Cool Kids" featuring Shaun Reynolds, Black Prez & Eppic Remix is original and though she only contributes the chorus and a few verses, it is a fresh take on one of the most recent songs to take over the radio.

One Direction "Steal My Girl Cover"

Day's cover of "Steal My Girl" is a bright and original version of the song. Her version of "Fireproof" furthers that notion as she sits on her stool and elegantly sings the lyrics in a humble and pleasant manner.

"I sing songs and put my life on the internet," says Day's Twitter bio. The bio is just as simple and sweet as her covers and shows a genuine side to an artist with a growing fan base of YouTube and Twitter.

She even managed to turn Ariana Grande's "Break Free" from an upbeat EDM song to a simple and beautiful ballad accompanied by RUNAGROUND. Day's originality and vocal ability makes her a clear choice for a YouTube artist to watch.

"Break Free Cover"

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