Dylan Jones Author of 'Black Book' Participates in AMA

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As a fan of Stephen King, Dylan Jones, wants what any fan would want, to be acknowledged by their hero. Jones knew that regular means wouldn't work. Instead, he wrote the book, "Black Book."

The book was apparently good enough to knock King's "The Stand" out of first place on Amazon's Horror chart.

"Black Book" follows 'Sheriff' Jack, a time traveling soldier trapped in the wild west, and battling against some very real personal demons. Jones's book is a blend of sci-fi and classic western with a hint of macabre.

Jones wrote "Black Book" out of inspiration for King and while some kind of note about it would be nice Jones isn't very optimistic.

"I'm not sure if Stephen King even cares at which position he's in on the lists, but if he's anything like the rest of us, I'm hoping he checks his rankings daily and that he sees my little book written in my spare time, smiling down at him from the top spot."

Soon after the report went out that a fans book had knock horror's top writer out of his number one spot, Jones set up an AMA on reddit.

Jones admits that the book only took him a few months to write. He blames the long time, though that's actually really good time for a book, on the fact that writing is just a hobby.