Drunk Guy Pizza Slaps Someone And Promptly Gets Knocked Out, Is #PizzaSlapping The New Trend?

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Is the Pizza Slap is the new knockout game?

Viral videos stem for almost anything these days, from the Fire Challenge and Ice Bucket Challenge to the Make - Up Transformation, and it looks like Pizza Slapping might become the latest in a series of unfortunate choices.

The man to blame for the first in what is sure to be a hilarious series of videos was a drunk man who decided to greet his new buddy in a less than amicable way.

Of course the victim in this situation didn't like the greasy slap - maybe he was called Pizza Face one too many times as a kid, was that too cheesy?

In all seriousness though how did this guy think his newest BFF was going to respond?

Watch #PizzaSlapping at its finest: