Dan Bilzerian Announces The Winner Of A Hilarious Instagram Contest

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What happens when you have a ton of money and can literally do whatever you want? If you're name is Dan Bilzerian, you host a hilarious Instagram contest to get women to comment something sexual on your friends latest semi-nude photo.

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Slinger is running specials on stuffed crust.

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The photo above shows Bilzerian's friend who goes by the name of Bullet Slinger on Instagram and the only thing covering his private part is what looks to be two slices of pizza. Now the Bullet Slinger is no Gianluca Vacchi so getting women to comment something sexual on this photo might be a little hard.

So what does Bilzerian do? He adds a little incentive to get the comments flowing.

"I'm giving 1000$ to whoever @bulletslinger says is the hottest girl to comment something sexual on his latest photo...

He will announce the winner in 2 hours...," read the caption of the photo, which was later on edited to show the winner, @ccapriotti who's comment read, "I would start at the tip of that pizza and make my way down to your balls."

Now the winner's Instagram page is private but from her avi photo you might say that Bullet Slinger did a pretty good job in picking the winner.

After finding the winner and sending out that $1000 prize we're sure that Bilzerian will get back to the things he loves most. If you need a reminder just take a peek at the photo below.

Lotta people talked shit about me supporting the #NRA, focus on your job, it's a weekday you simple fucks #Bilzerian16

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