Drew Struzan Believes 'Star Wars: Force The Awakens' Best 'Star Wars' Movie

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There is a lot of hope and excitement being poured into "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

There's a divide between those who believe the movie is automatically going to be good and those who remember the last three "Star Wars" movies.

But there seems to be some good news. Artist Drew Struzan, believes that "The Force Awakens" will be the best "Star Wars" movie yet.

Struzan has been with the franchise from the beginning. He's a legendary poster artist, so his contribution are all those really nice hand drawn movie posters for each movie. Struzan had gotten a call from J.J. Abrams a while back. Abrams, while being a fanboy over Struzan's work, asked if he'd do it again. Struzan had answered that they only had to ask and he would return.

While Struzan was on set, he got to see half of the film and read the script. He only had words of praise for it all.

"Honest to god, it is far and away probably going to be THE BEST Star Wars you've ever seen. ... Well it's beautifully made and it's a wonderful story." He'd be someone who knows.

As they say a picture says a thousand words. And the new poster for the film is saying a lot.

"I read the script and I saw the film, I got to know the maker and I know Star Wars.

I had feelings for it and I paint how I feel about it. And it seems to connect with you and the world. So I have a universal feeling and I paint what I saw."

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