Is Emma Roberts Feuding With These A-List Celebs?

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While Emma Roberts may hail from one of the most elite celebrity families of Hollywood, it seems as if no conflict is too small for her -- given the reported reputation she's gained for drama.

But who have been some of the celebrities she's gotten into feuds with? Here are some of Emma Roberts's best known celebrity feuds throughout the years.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

Although this one might be better classified as a dramatic romantic relationship, one thing's for sure, Emma Roberts certainly has had a lot of conflict with Evan Peters. Per PopSugar:

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters started dating back in 2012 after meeting on the set of their movie, Adult World, and in the short four years since then, the two have shared more drama than some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. We're talking at least two breakups, one nasty domestic violence incident, makeups, deleting all social media traces of each other, sharing the screen on American Horror Story, and a broken engagement.

Emma Roberts' relationship with Evan Peters really made headlines when she was arrested for a reported physical altercation with Evan Peters. Per TMZ

According to Montreal law enforcement sources ... someone called police to report a fight in Evan and Emma's hotel room. We're told when cops arrived ... they observed Evan with a bloody nose. Emma was immediately arrested. One law enforcement source tells us Evan also had a bite mark. Emma was released hours later because 26-year-old Evan did not want to press charges. Sources close to Emma tell TMZ ... Emma and Evan were hitting each other and she was arrested because he had obvious physical injuries. The sources deny Emma bit Evan.

This past summer, Emma Roberts again generated quite a bit of gossip when she was seen out and about with Evan Peters once again. So are they or aren't they back to being a couple? Only time will tell.

Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande

When Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande were both cast in Fox's Scream Queens, it seemed only a matter of time before gossip magazines began speculating on the possibility of drama between the two divas.

Per reports, Emma Roberts became upset when she heard that Ariana Grande was trying to ban the use of cell phones on set. Allegedly, Emma Roberts began complaining to producers and then became so angry that she stormed off set.

Despite the rumors, Emma Roberts is seen together with Ariana Grande in her Instagram pic below, seeming to enjoy their time spent together.

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Emma Roberts and Lea Michele

It was only a matter of time before rumors of a feud between Emma Roberts and Lea Michele on the set of Scream Queens began to circulate. This rumor has had several sources both supporting and negating the possibility of conflict on set.

Still, Emma Roberts can often be seen smiling and getting along beautifully with Lea Michelle while promoting the new season of the show. Are they friends, or is she just a really good actress? Only time will tell.

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