Drake's 'Views From The 6' Never Seemed Closer to Releasing

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Between Drake and his producer Noah "40" Shebib, the last couple of social media posts are pointing towards the highly anticipated Views From The 6 album in their own mysterious way. Views From The 6 simply hasn't felt this close in months.

The first inkling of information that leans towards the album being on the way is the photo of the file that Shebib uploaded to Instagram. The file simply read "Views" and Views From The 6 been the focus of Shebib for the past couple of months.

Last night Drake went on a bit of an Instagram spree and one of the photos really stuck out among the rest.

The photo of Drake sitting at a mixing area with his back towards the camera might be telling fans a little more that it seems.

The screen is off and all of the equipment looks to be turned off as well. It's almost as if it's signifying the end of the final mixing process and that just maybe Views From The 6 could be on the way.

We are past the rumored but not confirmed January 6 date for Views From the 6 but the month isn't over yet and the recent teasers is a tactic that artists like Travis Scott have used for their release.

Drake and his crew often utilize the element of surprise for his releases so it's likely that fans won't see Views From The 6 release coming, but as of right now, it could be coming much sooner than we all think.


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