Drake's '3 Peat' Might Never Come After Meek Mill Ends Beef

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Last week we questioned whether or not Drake's "3 Peat" would be released after his beef with Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar's alleged disses towards the "6 God." "3 Peat" might never see the light of day after Meek Mill squashed his beef.

Yesterday and earlier today news outlets were reporting that Mill has ended his beef with Drake and took all of the fault for even entertaining it in the first place. While The Source reports that it may be due to AR-AB's violent threats on his own diss track towards Mill, Mill's message is simple, he doesn't have anything to prove to anyone.

He also seemed a bit rattled by saying, "leave all that murder one sh*t in the streets if you tryna get rich and make it out! All this killer sh*t on social media is like walking yourself into prison."

That being said, he also said that "n***as better smarten up" which seems as if he's saying he won't back down if things get real. With Mill being the main instigator in the beef with Drake and him squashing it, Drake no longer has a reason to release "3 Peat" unless he decides to rearrange the lyrics towards Kendrick Lamar. Of course, dissecting Lamar's lyrics like the media did this week may be a stretch in trying to manufacture a beef between the two artists.

Both artists are incredibly successful and to engage in a beef with each other right now could really just be detrimental to the incredible year they've been having so far.

Drake has been very selective with the people he's responded to in the past and it looks like he knows when to stifle a reply to a diss. So in essence, Drake really has no reason to release "3 Peat" anymore.