Drake Shares a Touching Moment with His Mother, 'Views From the 6' Confusion

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From the beginning of his career, Drake has held his mother close to him throughout all of his accomplishments.

In a recent photo posted to Instagram Drizzy shares a touching moment between he and his mother, however, is it enough to throw fans off the Views From the 6 trail?

In the recent Instagram post, Drake has his arms wrapped around his mother and the caption of the post simple read, "in the cut with my one and only." The relationship between Drake and his mother, Sandi Graham is one that goes far beyond his musical career.

Graham has been very involved in Drake's life and raised him as a single mother so it's easy to understand why they have such a strong relationship and why he holds her so near to his heart.

Now, despite given fans a bit of an "aww" moment and releasing a surprise album What A Time To Be Alive, Drake still hasn't given us any further information on Views From the 6, a project he's been teasing for quite some time now.

After he and Future put out such a successful album in a short period of time with WATTBA, fans and even some journalists and blogs are starting to get a bit antsy when it comes to the Views From the 6 project.

"I suppose we should be grateful that we're getting new Drake music at all," said Bustle's Jennifer Still.

"First, there was the If You're Reading This, It's Too Late mixtape out in February, and now What A Time To Be Alive.

That's plenty of Drake goodness to sink our teeth into.

However, I'm still confused about why he ever bothered to announce that Views From The 6 is even a thing if he had no plans to release it -- or at least not before he puts out 900 other recordings."

Still, Drake's fanbase and media all over are still waiting to hear the slightest bit of news from Drake or his OVO team regarding Views From the 6. What may be the most puzzling in this all is the fact that Drake can produce two full length projects but still can't put a release date on Views From the 6. The truth is, we may never see Views From the 6 coming.

It has been promised for this year but never specific as to when the project will be released.

Both of the Drake projects have been surprises and it's best to go on with our lives normally and realize that Views From the 6 is most likely going to be another surprise release.

In the meantime we suggest bumping his IYRTITL and WATTBA.

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All for you.

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